The Railway Tavern

The Railway Tavern, Flixton, Lancashire M41 6NA

A long, low, whitewashed pub tucked away off the beaten track on the western side of Flixton in a location that realistically would not see any passing trade. In fact, despite having lived in this area for many years, it was only recently that I even became aware of its existence. It’s a Sam Smith’s pub which demonstrates the company’s customary respect for internal layout and fittings. Handpumped Old Brewery Bitter is available alongside their keg range, at the usual keen prices.

Much of the interior gives the impression of being little changed since the 1950s. There’s a traditional vault on the right, a small “saloon bar” with a curved wooden bar counter and a quarry-tiled floor, and a spacious lounge on the left with extensive bench seating which may in the past have been opened out from smaller rooms. It gives the impression of being popular with older regulars. No food is served.